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🖤The Six Bodies: Journal Prompt Exercise

📓🖊️Grab your journal and a pen keeping them close by. Sit in a comfortable position with a long spine, sit bones grounding into your support (floor, chair, bed, couch etc) using props to lift hips over knees if tight in hips and legs.

These exercises will familiarize you with your six bodies and bring awareness to how you feel in each one.

  1. Physical : close your eyes, palms rest on knees (down to feel grounded/ up to receive). Start to feel your breath in your body as you scan your body from your toes to head. Being aware of sensation in your body. Once you get to the top of your head take 3 cleansing breaths (in through your nose, exhale out your mouth in a sigh). Now scan from head to toes. Write down in your journal any places in your physical body you were made aware of with this body scan exercise to tap into your physical body. Aches? Pains? Tight? Open? Soft? Tension? Fluid?

  2. Emotional: start in butterfly pose bring your feet together from seated and your knees to drop towards the floor as you open through your hips. Bring your hands to hold your knees. Begin on an exhale, round your spine, tucking your tailbone toward the floor and head towards chest into a modified cat pose. Inhale, tilt your tailbone away from the floor allowing your spine ripple effect stretching through your belly and shining your chest through your arms and lifting your heart and chin towards the sky. Modified cow pose.  Flow back and forward through these movements 4-5 times guided by your breath. Sitting up tall begin to hinge forward from the hips deepening the stretch. (Your hips are where emotions are stored in the body) breathe here for 5 breaths then returning to seated. Note down any emotions you feel come to surface after this exercise.  Where do you feel these emotions in your physical body? And how would you describe them?

  3. Energetic: tent fingers on the floor beside you. Ground into the energy of Mother Earth, rooting you into your body and feel her supporting and nourishing you. On an inhale sweep your hands up over head slowly gathering your energy all around you and bringing your palms towards eachother feeling the energy between your palms until your hands finally touch together. Bring your hands into your heart in Anjelamudra prayer position. Tune into your energy. Is it scattered? Low? High? Buzzing? Everything around you gives off energy, as do you. How has your energy been affected by your environment? Note down your observations.

  4. Mental: clasp hands and place your palms on the top of your head. Squeeze your palms into your head, allow your shoulders to melt away from your ears and close your eyes. Bring you attention to your thoughts in your mind and simply observe them. Does your mind feel full? Busy? Dark? Light? Spacious? Stuck? Now remove your hands from your head and using two peace fingers tap the Center of your forehead. Notice your thoughts as you tap into your minds eye. What stands out for you? Note down your observations.

  5. Spiritual: place your left hand on your heart, and your right hand on your left. Your spirit lives within you, detactched from your physical body. It is your light within you that radiates your truest most purest form. It can be your faith, your beliefs, your unique expression, and your drive that motivates you and connects you to a higher sense of self. Tap into your heart space, breathe into your heart. On an inhale, visualize a warm radiant light moving into you and expanding to surround your heart. On an exhale send this light to all things around you. Continue to breathe with this visual for 4-5 breaths. Note down any observations from your spiritual body.

  6. Intellectual: our intellectual body is how we learn and come to understand the world around us. Our attitudes, analytic thoughts, how we process information, and our ability to focus and find clarity. Sitting in a comfortable position breathe your natural breath. And ask yourself these three questions allowing your mind to wander and ramble on becoming the witness to the answers.

  • “In this moment, what do I know to be true?”

  • “In this moment, how do I come to believe this to be true?”

  • “In this moment, what am I willing and unwilling to learn?”

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