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What the HECK is Chair Yoga, and why you need to know more about it!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

You have probably heard yoga instructors say that yoga is for everyBODY and NO this is NOT an exaggeration. Yoga is such a great practice to incorporate into your life for so many reasons and one of the greatest things about it is that it is accessible to absolutely anyone! So that brings me to the most adaptable class there is... Chair yoga!

Chair Yoga is a gentle yoga practice from the seat of your chair. A chair yoga class begins with breath work to instantly calm the mind bringing in focus and intention to care for the body. As you are gently guided through poses you stretch, strengthen and release any tension being held in the body or mind creating an overall calm and peaceful state of being. It has the same amazing benefits of a traditional yoga class, modified for those who have difficulty getting down and back up from the floor, for seniors looking for low impact exercise, anyone with disabilities and or recovering from injuries. It is a great practice for those who wish to exercise in a supportive and effective way.

Chair yoga classes are highly recommended by doctors and physiotherapists to improve the overall health and wellness for Seniors or anyone unable to safely attend a traditional style yoga class. Listed below are some of the benefits of adding chair yoga into your routine today!

Health Benefits:

⦁ Improves flexibility and mobility.

⦁ Improves balance.

⦁ Increases strength and muscle tone in legs, back, arms, shoulders and core.

⦁ Increases concentration.

⦁ Promotes relaxation.

⦁ Improves pain management.

⦁ Improves circulation.

⦁ Promotes breathing techniques and increases oxygen in the blood.

⦁ Boosts mood.

⦁ Promotes independence and wellbeing.

Proven to reduce and prevent:

⦁ Joint and muscle pain.

⦁ Stress.

⦁ Anxiety and depression.

⦁ Sciatica.

⦁ Plantar fasciitis.

⦁ Arthritis.

⦁ High blood pressure.

⦁ Inflammation in the joints.

⦁ Heart disease.

⦁ Scoliosis.

⦁ Migraines.

⦁ Constipation.

⦁ Back pain.

⦁ Risk of falling

⦁ Myofascial pain.


Most studies done today on the effectiveness of chair yoga are conducted on older adults but chair yoga for rehabilitation is gaining popularity as well as for stress reduction and even increasing productivity when practiced in office workspaces!

A 2012 study found that chair yoga for seniors reduced the risk of falls, and also minimized the anxiety felt around falling. Falling among older adults is the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injury. A 2017 study published in "The Journal of Geriatrics" showed that chair yoga participants with osteoarthritis who practiced for 45 minutes, twice a week for eight weeks, experienced a statistically significant reduction in pain and painful interferences during daily activities. As well as, improvement in walking speed! Three months after the study was conducted these results were sustained.

Incorporating a weekly Chair Yoga practice is a sure way to improve overall health and wellbeing! Give it a try today! Check out my weekly Chair Yoga classes Wednesday mornings at the Canoe Seniors Hall, or inquire about booking a private session for yourself or a group who may be interested in giving it a try. If offering "Office Yoga" interests you reach out about a program for your place of work for stress reduction, relaxation, and mindfulness. Beginning in the new year I will also be offering Thursday Chair Yoga classes at Sweet Freedom Yoga Studio & Boutique! Stay tuned!

Namaste and blessings friends,


Below is some Youtube links of chair yoga classes you can try at home!


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