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Yoga In Canoe. What is it all about?

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Yoga In Canoe is about building a community. It is about creating a safe and sacred space that allows you to feel openly and vulnerably with no judgment. It is about finding the strength from within yourself to create a life of loving self-acceptance. It is about finding the flexibility to move through all emotions in a secure and authentic way. Yoga in canoe is about finding your own journey, your own path, and creating a platform so strong that no matter the waters or how strong the winds blow you off course you are ultimately always able to find your way back home.

Yoga in not about touching your toes, or your ability to stand on your hands, or both at the same time. It is about being able to connect and be in relation with your physical body, and being aware as you move through poses of where you feel tightness, where you feel open and finding movement in a way that makes you feel good! It is about meeting yourself, your body, your mind where you are and then expanding from there. Poses (asanas) are only the tip of the iceberg in a yoga practice, they are traditionally used to help open the body enough to be able to sit in meditation for long periods of times. Poses connect you to sensation, meditation connects you to your soul. Your body is a vehicle moving you through your journey of life, it is a temple to be nurtured, nourished and loved. When we are able to connect with our physical bodies in a positive way we heal our muscles, tendons, and let go of the tightness holding us back at a cellular level. When we are able to fully let go and truly BE in body without ego or judgment, we can then connect inwardly to our inner and truest form of self. When we love our bodies completely, when we love ourselves whole heartedly we begin to heal. We let go of any past beliefs that no longer support us, and we turn to our internal reservoir of unconditional love and compassion.

Yoga in Canoe is the integration of yoga on and off of our mats. It is taking the teachings from yoga classes and using them in every day situations as tools to handle the constant motions of life. Taking the good with the bad in knowing that when we take the time to breathe, to connect to ourselves in a loving and accepting way we are able to go forth no matter the uncertainties and know that everything is working out just as planned. Opening up enough to find the kindness in the chaos, the magic in the mundane, and the light within the darkness.

Yoga in Canoe is about the work-in more than it is about the work-out. When the busyness of the world is constantly asking for us to check out this is a way to welcome yourself back in. To be kind to yourself, to be kind to others and to connect to like-minded people in the utmost supportive way possible.

"Like a canoe, I am on a unpredictable journey. I am at times a reflection of stillness. I am at times a ripple of chaos. I am creating waves all around me, moving in and out of balance with endless possibilities. Join me in this unpredictable voyage of life, yoga, love, and creation."

Namaste and blessings.

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